Update: 05-03-03

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Welcome to Livin' Wild, a large Slayers collective/project dedicated to promoting the spread of Slayers fandom! Slayers is a very popular, quasi-fantasy (but mostly comedy and adventure) anime that can be separated into three seasons: Slayers, Slayers NEXT, and Slayers TRY. The show was originally released in Japan, but eventually made it over to America, where thousands of fans have enjoyed its entertaining plot and comedic semantics.

If you want to learn more about Slayers, read the Introduction to Slayers, which provides in-depth information about the series. Afterwards, be sure to visit the Network Websites of Livin' Wild, especially if you want to learn about the Slayers world/characters. These shrines are the main content of this collective, so be sure to check them out! I hope you enjoy your stay here at Livin' Wild! :D